MQM, Musharraf, Nawaz, Zardari: A Game Of Thrones

A few years ago, the Land of the Pure stood at a cross-roads. As the Commando President shed his uniform, the weak human underneath was exposed and the empire toppled. The Queen of the Desert was assassinated, and the Opportunist managed to use the Young Prince to claim the throne. He, the Opportunist, launched a political suicide attack into the City of Wights, unleashing the Frankenstein that dented the control of the Pir of London. Once consolidated by the Commando President after winning a bloody war on the streets, the Pir of London once again charged up his comrades to fight this new Frankenstein. But what good is it to defeat a monster, if it makes you one in the process? The Pir began to self-destruct, drowning in alcohol, turning ever more into his own most hated enemy. While the Opportunist was replaced by the Unwise first, and then harassed by the Hero, his actions had a lasting impact. He waited for the rival to self-destruct, and prepared the Not So Young Prince to hopefully capture the weakened castle. The youthful City of Wights is the rebel capital of the Desert Queendom, an ideal capital for the future throne of the Young Prince. But he is not alone.

The Commando President has been watching all along. The punches thrown at him by the Unwise, are a nuisance to him as much as a fly might be to the summer-deprived sunbather. There are bigger things at play, and he is more interested in that. The self-destruction of the Pir of London would be his last opportunity at making a comeback. He still remembers that day he came back to the City, to the country. For days, he looked forward to it. While a part of him was nervous, he was confident that he would receive a hero’s welcome. After years of governance in the style of the Opportunist, his great reign would be remembered fondly, he thought. But as he grabbed the microphone addressing a relatively small crowd of people, it hit him for the first time: people did not love him. He was not a hero to them. He was not their commando. Perhaps taking inspiration from the Opportunist, the Commando kept taking the punches, by journalists and the Unwise alike. But he was not done.

He sees himself as the only person who ever brought peace to the City of Wights; he tried to bring back some lights, and to some extend he succeeded. The Hero may be a messiah now, but was once junior to the Commando, making it possible for the latter for make his voice heard. The City is too important to be trusted with the Opportunist, the Unwise, the Cricketer, the Pir or the Pir’s Croonies. The City is no stranger to bloodshed, which is always fueled further by enemies, and if the Pir is cornered, nothing may save the City from bloodshed. The Commando thinks he is the only answer.

The Croonies think they can manage their retarding Pir, perhaps telling him that he just has to pretend to not be there while they implement his agenda. Those who are wise, might be advised, to give the Croonies a chance, but with the Pir of London now naked, even the Rebels don’t want the Croonies to succeed. Vultures are gathering to fight over the remains of the Pir. Perhaps they realize, from their past experience with their fellows, that it is possible to cause much trouble while leaving little to no trace of activity. For the Croonies, the movement is about politics and monopoly over violence like a mini state, but a state cannot use violence unnecessarily for personal reasons. And with the loss of moral authority, they have to distance themselves from violence while containing and converting elements. This is probably the only goal of the Hero, but the risk involved in this much-needed under-taking creates space for the strategisers to strategise in line with their own goals.

Facing justice from the Hero themselves, the Unwise want the Croonies to succeed, because they are now starting to see things a little bit more clearly: if the Croonies fail and the Pir explodes, the Hero might need to look to the one person who persuasively argues that he is the only one who can bring the Croonies, the Rebels, and his past pawns together to win the City of Wights: the Commando.

But what happens when the Commando, the Croonies, the Rebels, the Pir, the Unwise, the Cricketer and the Opportunist all fail or fall?  Or will one of them survive to consolidate power? With the hour glass emptying, what does the Hero do now? Will he flip it?

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